My journey with the Page of Cups

I’ve been in a funny place lately. Due to the transitions I am going through this year I find myself going through all sorts of emotions. I can feel like crying, laughing and being grateful all on the same day. I can also feel quite down on myself and the world which sucks out so much energy. The Page of Cups has always been one of my favourite cards. I love the gentle, whimsical and sensitive nature of this Page. I love her curiosity and enthusiasm in experiencing the world around her. Bringing this energy into my life at the moment is super important (I think). To do that I’m journeying into the Page of Cups today to see what she has to say to me.

Page of Cups: copyright Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot
Page of Cups: copyright Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot

The Journey:

I close my eyes, breathe in and bring myself to the bottom of a staircase. Slowly I climb up each step. I find myself at the top of the stairs and on a beautiful beach (Wow!). The air is warm and salty, the sun is bright without being too hot and the sand is white. I am alone here save for a small child playing happily on his own further down the beach. I stay still for some time soaking up the atmosphere finding myself feeling free and content as I dip my feet into the warm water.

There are pieces of coral here and a fish darts quickly into these shallow waters. I ask the fish what message he has for me. He tells me that like him I should learn to go with the flow and exist peacefully. He tells me not to try hard to control things but to move forward with a trust in life and what it has for me. I thank the fish and walk on, my bare feet making patterns in the sand as I walk.

The child runs towards me and I hold out my hand to grasp his. We walk together down the beach. He tells me that I need not be hard on myself. He tells me that things are ok and going to be ok. I love his smile and his gentle attitude. It is reassuring and soothing. He tells me that it is ok to make mistakes, play with things and love everyone. He advises me to foremost be kind and loving. As we walk I come across a dazzlingly beautiful cup in the sand. It is gold and has a heart on it with the words “only love” inscribed on it. After a few more moments in this land I make my way to the door. I am presented with a seashell and a smiley emoticon to remind me of my journey. I thank the card silently for the experience I have had as I make my way out.

I had a beautiful experience coming in contact with the Page of Cups’s gentle energy. This short journey took me deep into some of the essence of this card of being open, kind and playful. The message of this card inspires me to bring the qualities of love, gentleness and kindness to my life and work. Journeying into this card was definitely a good reminder of my commitment to these.