How I prepare for Readings

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tarot readings and preparing for them this week. I’ve been working on creating and testing my payment page, getting ready to begin accepting readings from the public. Going through this process makes me reflect on the rituals I have in place for each reading that I take on.

For me preparing for a reading enables me to give it my best and give each querent(client) the kind of reading they require. I usually start by making sure I’ve eaten something. Reading on an empty stomach makes me feel really woozy and spaced out. It also makes me feel quite tired afterwards (not so good when you have a packed day: P). To make sure I am reading from a place of clarity and stillness in myself I try to “ground” myself before I start. As I ground myself I see myself covered in white light and tethered to the earth with my feet firmly placed on the ground. Although this might sound a bit out there and woo woo, I really enjoy this visualisation. It makes me feel both connected to the world and to the earth I live on. It works for me which is why I use it.

For email readings I usually I have my laptop at the ready, opened to a new word document with the question and my usual introduction to go. I have the deck I choose for the question ready next to my computer, ready to go for when I need it.

I'm ready to read Deck Copyright The Golden Tarot U.S Games Systems Inc.
I’m ready to read
Deck Copyright The Golden Tarot U.S Games Systems Inc.

In face to face reading my preparation is slightly different. I usually start with making the querant feel comfortable and settled. I ask whether they would like water or tea. I then ask them to explain why they have come for a reading. I usually at this point explain my approach and what a reading might be able to do for them. I find that “setting a contract” at the beginning is best; as it makes sure that I have communicated my intention of what I can offer and what others can expect. Throughout the process I am happy to answer questions, give clarifications and clarify.

Doing my own preparation, thinking through it and making sure I am in the space where I can give my best is really important to me. I also try to make the process as hassle free for myself by having things in place. Freeing up mental energy from things like setting my table up and grounding allows me to focus on being present for the reading. It allows me to switch off from the practicalities and keep my mind open to all the insights the Tarot has for the client in the reading.