How to exercise smarter-A Tarot Approach

I really like exercising. Usually I take long walks as exercise but recently I have felt ready to add a bit more variety to my routine. That being said I don’t enjoy gyms and don’t want to break the bank with an expensive regime.

Holding an intention in mind and using the Tarot to show the way how to achieve it is really useful. Although I knew about this approach before, I was reacquainted to it at an interactive session conducted by Chloe from Inner Whispers, at the annual Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) conference in July. You can read my review of the conference here. The spread I’ve created here is inspired by my learnings in this session.

For me, the technique works well when I have a good idea of my current situation as well as of my intended outcome. Finding a (practical) way to move from intention to outcome is the crux of it. The Tarot is great at giving suggestions of how to do that.

I tried this with my example on exercise. I used the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot (I wanted this to be a light, fun and colourful reading) and this deck oozes that to me. I picked 3 cards to set this up

1.My present: Page of Swords

2. My intention: The World

3. How to get there: Six of Swords

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot Deck
Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot Deck

I also wrote a sentence each about each of the positions so that I could focus my mind on each of them

So here goes: I’m feeling fit but bored of only going on long walks for exercise.

My Intention: Different exercise activities that I use to keep fit and healthy.

How to get there: Experimenting with different approaches?

I’m clear on 1 and 2 and very fuzzy with 3. I’m relying on the Tarot to make 3 clearer for me

1.My present: Page of Swords

I definitely resonate strongly with the Page of Swords in this position. I see myself in this Page. I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to fitness. Walking helps me think and clear my mind. I get most of my best and brightest ideas when exercising. I feel a bit of a boredom in this card, where the Page asks, what’s my next adventure? How should I think about it? What ideas come to mind?

2.My intention: The World

My intention is to be fit and healthy. It’s also to enjoy myself while at it. I want to make good use of my time exercising and I want it to be productive. In terms of exercise I want it to be a full body workout that uses all my muscles. I’m happy to get sweaty but I do want to look and feel fit at the end of it.

3.How to get there: Six of Swords

Wow here’s a curve ball. Ouch! this picture is quite disconcerting, a boat with a number of swords stuck in it. I have the word reluctant in my mind as I type this. It looks like I need to expand my definition of what exercise is. I need to do things that feel good and resonate with me emotionally. I probably shouldn’t go with the herd and exercise in a way that doesn’t feel like fun. That being said I need to reach out of my comfort zone a bit to make true progress (here’s a contradiction for you!). On a more practical level I thought about kayaking, boating or sailing when I saw this picture. Funnily I don’t live close to any water body where I can pursue these activities. Swimming (I need to learn) is also something I could take up. It seems like that would be fun as well as help me exercise in a varied way.

To sum up exercise is a respite for me. It’s where I get my brightest ideas. I need variety to prevent myself from getting bored and feeling unmotivated. I need a complete exercise regime, something that makes me fit and healthy and exercises all my muscles. It should make me happy as well. Perhaps swimming is a good idea? (I’ll have to think about this one).

I’m inspired to try this out now and post later on how it goes. I’m also going to use the picture of this spread to remind me of my intention and keep me on track. Just putting the intention and desired outcome down is super helpful and I’m pumped to give this is a go with other things too.

Try these simple Tarot spread motivations/ Tarot spells, people and write me in the comments or at I’d love to hear how it went for you. Would also love to hear if you have any other ideas on how I should exercise smarter based on these cards.