The Tarot Chain Hearing from other Tarot Readers

I’ve long wanted to hear from other readers. Now that I have got my own website and blog going I thought I could start a monthly feature interviewing other Tarot Readers and hearing from them about their approach and what they’ve learnt through working with the Tarot among other things.

I decided to call this series the Tarot Chain. It’s about Tarot hence Tarot. It’s a chain because each interviewee nominates the next one I can approach to interview based on being inspired by their work. What I really like about chain interview (you can sometimes hear these in radio programs) is that the flavour of each interviewee is captured in their own interview and in their choice of the next interviewee. The chain lives on through recommendations and each person brings their unique take on the cards to their own interview. Chains link people together and here my goal is to link people through the shared love of Tarot and bring (a sort of) community of readers together.

I also wanted these interviews to be a place I could try and open up the discussion on Tarot. I wanted to hear what makes other Tarot Readers tick, what qualities to they bring to their work? I also felt a lack of discussion on the not so nice aspects (believe me they exist) of this gig. What irritates other readers? What frustrates them? What’s really hard to swallow? These are the questions I’m burning to ask others in these interviews.

The Tarot changed my life, that’s for sure (I’ll explore this idea in another post, promise). I also know that working with the Tarot is transformational in many ways. I wanted to hear from others how the Tarot impacted on them and what it’s taught them.Similarly qualities one can develop working with Tarot can impact our lives and those of people who come in contact with through our readings, our work, our writing and our awareness. In this way the Tarot can have something to offer the world and most Tarot people know it. I wanted to get philosophical in these interviews about what the Tarot can offer the world and push boundaries in the way the Tarot is defined and what it’s “impact” thought to be.

Lastly, Tarot Readers are by and large a wonderful bunch. I have always felt very comfortable and accepted by most people I have come into contact with through my association with the Tarot. They’ve been open and accepting. They’re also some of the most intelligent and accomplished people I’ve got to know. My Interview chain series is my attempt to get in contact with these wonderful folks, to hear from them and pick their brains a bit. Believe me they’re sitting with a lot of wisdom! I also wanted to do something with others that was fun and would give them a place to talk about their work.

So with this, I’m kicking off next week with my first guest. Keep reading folks and don’t forget to comment. Till next time.

P.S I’m leaving you with a pretty picture of the plants we have planted outside my house. It’s some welcome (green) relief from the cityscape.

Some welcome greenery outside my house

Some welcome greenery outside my house

Ava x