Alison Cross

The Tarot Chain: Interview #2 Alison Cross

Drumroll please, I am back with my next Tarot Interviewee. This time it is the fabulous Alison Cross from over at Tarot Thrones. The interviews are a chain so our previous interviewee Alison Coals nominated Alison Cross (yes, it’s two Alisons) to be my next guest. If you have no idea what I am talking about it maybe a good idea to check out my post that introduces the Tarot Chain and my pervious interview in this series. Alison lives on the Isle of Bute on Scotland’s beautifully wild west coast with her husband, son and the former professional athlete that is her retired racing greyhound. Until November 2016 she is co-Chair of The Tarot Association of The British Isles (TABI). You can find her most days at or @alicrosstarot on twitter. Alison Coals calls Alison Cross a Tarot star (I agree). Alison has contributed hugely to TABI by being chair a number of times. She is also writes a fascinating, helpful and really kickass blog on the Tarot Court Cards. Alison is also a published author (I know, is there anything she doesn’t do!) , A Year in the Wildwood Tarot is her ebook based on her writings about this deck. I was really excited to hear from Alison with regard to blogging, her journey and basically just her approach to Tarot.

Here’s the interview

1.What made you start a Tarot website/Blog?

I fought the urge to write a blog for as long as humanly possible – years, in fact! Did the world need another Tarot blog, I wondered. Eventually I decided that it did and on 6th February 2012 I created Tarot Thrones. It’s aimed at other Tarotists, primarily those who want to make a better connection with the court cards.

  1. You’ve worked a lot with the Tarot court cards and almost developed a sort of niche teaching and blogging about them. What made you want to work with the court cards in particular?

I really struggled with the court cards when I was learning to interpret my Tarot cards. As a result, I tried all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to remember what they were about – what kind of shoes would they wear, what kind of criminals would they be etc. I worked so hard to understand them (and still do!) that it made sense to me to start a blog that focussed exclusively on them, to help other people get to grips with this notoriously tricky part of the deck.

Ava: Alison has some fascinating posts on the court cards. The most interesting ones for me were the ones where she talks about celebrities and the Tarot court.

  1. What’s your approach to the Tarot when working with clients in readings

My approach is very much client-orientated and focussed on how I can best mentor my client to feel powerful in their own lives; I encourage them to recognise that they have choices and, where appropriate, to help them change their focus. So it’s less ‘when is my husband coming back to me?’ and more ‘how can I best live my life in the absence of my husband,’ type of thing.

  1. What has working with the Tarot taught you?

As an ongoing student of Tarot and as a professional Tarotist I have learned that most situations generally have more options than we might initially believe and that a ‘good’ tarot reading should raise just as many questions as it answers!

4.What frustrates you about being a Tarot reader?

Being asked the same question repeatedly by the same client. Twice is ok, but a third time means no more readings from me.

  1. What does the Tarot have to teach/offer the world?

It doesn’t matter whether you use the deck for fortune-telling, high magick or even creative writing prompts, this Renaissance baby has boundless depths for us to explore!

And there you go wise words from the lovely Alison Cross. She’s of course nominated the interviewee for next time who you’ll hear from in the next segment.