The Tower

The Tower

I’m feeling really drawn to meditating and journeying with the Tower this week. I have decided to journey into the Tower from the Crystal Tarot. I chose this deck to venture into as I love the art in so much. The images in this deck are masterpieces in themselves as well as have a unique depth in them.

I step into this card. I realise it is raining and big droplets of water are falling from the sky. The rain is obfuscating my view and I keep blinking to try and make out where I am. It’s quite dark but it’s hard for me to miss the building occupying almost all of the landscape. I walk towards the tower shaped building. It looks to be in a bad state. There are stones falling off it and there is man who seems to have fallen out from the Tower. He shouts in pain as he makes his way out of the rubble. It looks like he is badly bruised, luckily he is still (barely) able to walk and limps away. I go up the building and say, “Good gosh, what has happened to you. You seem to be really in a state of disrepair and ruin. “ Meanwhile the lightening and thunder in the background are making a terrible sound. The building tells me that it is been struck by lightening and parts of it have broken off and got destroyed. The building says calmly that it will be built back, perhaps if not in the same form then in a different form. It says the man inside was traumatised but will be ok. He can walk so that is good. The building says that it has stood here for many years and every few years or so it changes in form, sometimes it is a house, other times it has been a tower and sometimes it has been used for storage. I am struck by how calmly the building is accepting the shock of being broken down. It is like it is aware that it will always be there but in different forms. What’s that crown falling down I ask, the building says that is ego. Nothing lasts for ever and we are all the same. Hear that clearly. We understand the world through different expression but pain hurts us all. Always remember this. These words resonate with me strongly. I thank the building as I walk away.

 I am now looking out at the horizon, it is not pitch black like I thought it was. The sky shines with a lightness that signals the end of darkness and coming of dawn. The pink glow of the sky in the distance makes me smile, it feels like the rain will stop soon. The heat in the card is oppressive too and I long to get away and sit somewhere cooler to relax. Overall the experience of this card makes me crave a different more healing and cooling one. The card reeks of trauma and pressure.

I begin to move to the gateway of this card. Suddenly I find myself holding a wand and the gateway of this land has a message on it for me. It tells me to use my will to make things better. Silently I thank the card as I leave.

This card packed a powerful punch. I felt like I had been transported into the heart of a chaotic and unrestrained place. Despite that there was a calmness and wisdom in this card hard to describe. It was like the card wanted to convey to me, despite this i.e the conditions in the card, it will be well.

I’m going to hold onto this thought. Hoping everything is and will be well in all your worlds too x


The Tower
The Tower from the Crystal Tarot copyright Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan © 2004. Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino – Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission.