My New Year Tarot Spread

Woo! Another year draws to a close. 2016 has been an eventful year for me and has ushered in many life changes and lessons. This year I finished up with my masters degree, moved country, started this website, started seeing clients for counselling, broke my leg and got married. Phew! Quite a bit for one year. The world it seems (judging from the news) has also had a bit of a tumultuous time.

For me it feels like there’s nothing better than closing off the year with a spread to mark the occasion. I usually think that the 12 houses zodiac spread which is incredibly detailed and focuses on every area of one’s life is a great exercise that helps take stock of the year. However I am just not in the mood for such a large spread and plus posting on the blog requires brevity. As a result I am going to do a spread that focuses on lessons and strengths learned in this year, that I can carry forward into the new year. So here’s my new year offering everyone

My New Year spread

 Lesson learned in this year: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is an interesting card to come up here. For me the Ace of Pentacles marks new beginnings and is an indicator of good things to come. 2016 has been significant for me as I started both this website which is my attempt at doing Tarot professionally as well as my counselling practice. This year has in many ways been the start of my “putting down roots” both in terms of career and personally with regard to home and family.

 An area to focus on in the New Year: Father of Swords

With the Father of Swords in this position it seems like intellectual pursuits are what I need to focus on in the coming year. I need to keep learning and evolving. I also need to bring an attitude of curiosity and fairness to my work. I looked into the book that came with this deck that also said that this card talks about fostering familial ties.

 Skill learned to bring to the New Year: Son of Cups

The skill learned in 2016 that I need to bring to my dealings in the New Year are those of deep understanding, sensitivity, perception and insightfulness. It would be beneficial to bring my reflective nature to my work and my interactions with others.

 What can I give back to the world in the next year: Three of Cups

My task is to spread joy in the world and to spread love. I hope to make more friends and meet more like-minded people whom I can connect with. Part of my task is also to bring my gift to people so that I can bring joy and peace to their lives.

I used my new Wild Unknown Tarot for this spread as to me it lends a beautiful, gentle voice with a deep knowing of the cycles of nature. Fits in with the theme of endings and new beginnings doesn’t it? So to summarise; this spread and the cards that came of it really hit home and touched me deeply. The focus in the New Year for me, is on expanding and honing my skills, giving back to the world using my insight and perspective and bringing joy to family friends and others. Bring it on 2017!

Ace of Pentacles, Father of Swords, Son of Cups, Three of Cups copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. Published by HARPERELIXIR 2016.