Too tired to blog-A poem on the High Priestess

Too tired to blog

Hurting everywhere

My mind is full of chatter with no original insight

Does one need a special room to write?

To think, to plan, to ideate

Virginia Woolf says I need a room of my own

Women need a place to create says she

How true I think but more important it feels to have a place in my mind

With calm, quiet and words inside

To create , to ponder to think

Out of this place come tarot spreads, blog posts and intuitive insight

This place is calm, it is light and heavy holding all opposite with in at all times

The High Priestess is the card that comes to mind

She is an ocean of respite from the inner and outer chatter

A place of calm from which stem wise words and insight

Sometimes she holds a book of wisdom, sometimes she’s a sage owl of the night

Sometimes though she is each one of us, with human foibles and wise insight


A Room of One’s Own: Virgina Woolf

The High Priestess from left to right copyright The Golden Tarot U.S. Games Systems Inc. 2004, the Crystal Tarot copyright Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan © 2004. Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino – Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission, copyright the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot 2016, the Wild Unknown Tarot copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. Published by HARPERELIXIR 2016.