Tarot Cards indicating a house move

I’m moving home everyone. I am finally moving in with my lovely husband into our new pad (he’s there already) and am all set to make a new place my own. I’ve had so many transitions, ending and beginnings in the last few months that I’m pretty tired and ready to set down some roots. I am ready to embrace the new experiences, gifts and challenges that are going to come my way.

In Tarot terms I was thinking about which cards suggest a house move. As someone who reads the cards more intuitively than anything I find it really hard to pin down a meaning on one card. Sometimes I struggle to find out which card in a spread would mean a specific event or whether it’s the whole spread giving that impression. That being said there are a few cards that jump out to me saying: you’re moving house! Here’s my list

The Fool: Well, new beginnings and a new phase which could definitely signal a change of abode

The World: Here, this card could mean the successful completion of one phase and as a result the beginning of a new one. The world is the last of the major cards and followed by the Fool which totally makes sense in this respect.

Four of Wands: Possibly Marriage and a house move? This card to me could also indicate a house warming party too.

Eight of Cups and Six of Swords: Both these cards can indicate journeys and also going on quests to find something important for ourselves. This could possibly suggest a change of abode though I tend to see these not so much as a permanent change of residence cards but those indicating a temporary shift undertaken to possibly do some emotional and spiritual work.

Ace of Pentacles: New beginnings in terms of home, family and new financial ventures.

Three of Pentacles: A card of building a new home (physically too), designing it and participating in the creation of a nourishing space for oneself.

Nine of Pentacles: Perhaps this card is about living on one’s own and taking care of oneself by putting in the work to build a brighter future for oneself.

So there it is. Here’s my list of the possible cards indicating house moves. Let me know what you’ll think the cards indicating moves are. It’s a whole bright new start for me with the next post coming from the new pad, stay tuned ……


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