Burnt out, frazzled and annoyed-A contemplation using Tarot

I am just really annoyed today and tired and a bit burnt out. I’ve been on my feet all day due to things I need to do at home be they fixing things , cooking and others and now am totally pooped. Recovering from the accident that broke my kneecap means that I am slower than most people and find it really tiring and difficult to be on my feet all day. This in turn adds to my frustration as I keep needing to take mini-breaks every now and again to rest. When I’m in one of these moods nothing seems like it would help. It’s difficult for me to get into my gratitude practice, I get bored lying down and feel too agitated to do anything else. What can I do to help? What Tarot card feels like it could fit here?

I used the Wild Unknown Tarot and looked through the deck till I could find a card that accurately represented my state today. I then looked deep into the images on the card and let them work on me in order to soak up some of their wisdom. Here’s what I found:

As I went through the deck the images of two cards stuck with me, the Ten of Wands and the Ten of Swords. The Ten of Swords in particular resonated exactly with how I felt. The Ten of Swords represents the end of a cycle (all ten’s do), which indicates that my state today is probably self-limiting, and won’t rub off on tomorrow. The Ten of Swords for me can also be the victim card. It’s the poor me card which signals here that it is definite that it’s been hard day but there is a possibility that I might be overplaying it. As someone who is analytical and feels things very deeply this is often a trap I get into. This card very much projects not only my inner state today but also the hidden aspects of it such as possibly blowing the whole thing out of proportion or overthinking the whole issue.

For me sometimes using the Tarot images and then contemplating, analysing and reflecting on them is valuable. The power of this image works viscerally on me. My first reaction on seeing the card was ouch! Only later was I able to take in other nuances of the situation and it’s other facets. Working with the card like this can reveal conscious (oh its probably limed to one day), unconscious (am I behaving like a victim here?) and emotion (Ouch!) related factors. As a reflective exercise this touches on all three facets of our embodied experience which is valuable in itself and being aware of these contributes to the strengthening of one’s own intuition. Pretty insightful stuff to come out of an “annoying day” 🙂

Ten of Swords from the Wild Unknown Tarot copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. Published by HARPERELIXIR 2016.