Listen to your intuition

So I’m exploring the concept of listening to one’s intuition today. Listen to your intuition is a phrase repeated really often in metaphysical books, in teachings and in interpretations of the High Priestess card in the Tarot. But what does that really mean? What does “listening to your intuition” really look like?

Listening to one’s intuition can take many forms. Often it is about honouring one’s needs, accepting one’s limitations and creating boundaries for oneself. Listening to the voice within can also mean hearing the faint impulses of “hey that’s a good idea” or “no no no you don’t” even if your mind is caught up in a thought process. For me, sometimes intuition can feel like a really solid feeling I have within myself of something not being right or needing to pipe up and say something. I often take a thought or feeling I am having and then check in with my body to see if that makes sense and feels solid to me. That said, intuition works differently for different people. My way is a bodily; check how each thought feels kind of way. It’s a way where I become very in tune with my body to achieve and utilise guidance. Some people can access their intuition in dreams and others use creative activities like painting and music to get in touch with the intuitive part of themselves.

So what has this to do with Tarot? One of the best ways for me of strengthening, working with and honouring my intuition has been working with the Tarot. Working with the Tarot for me is like practical meditation where the activity of interacting with the cards, being still and looking at them allows (if you allow it) all sorts of thoughts and feelings to flood one’s mind. Sifting through these to find the “intuitive insights” is a process one then undertakes while looking at the cards and interacting with oneself, allowing thoughts to come and going with the flow of them. Other ways of working with and strengthening one’s intuition is meditation (concentrating on the breath), which brings the mind to a state of focus and stillness and engaging in light exercise such as walking. For me walking has proved a wonderful experience as I feel while walking all I need to do is place one foot in front of the other and can let my mind explore all sorts of ideas, possibilities and options. Developing intuition can feel like developing a muscle one has to work at it and there can be false starts, difficulty in trusting yourself and doubt. But like anything worth doing it takes time and is worth it.

Just go ask a Tarot Reader, they use intuition in their daily living………

The High Priestess copyright The Golden Tarot U.S. Games Systems Inc. 2004. This card from the Tarot encourages us to listen to our inner voice.