Did I make my future or did the Tarot predict it? A reflection on outcome cards

Many months ago when I was in the throes of planning my wedding, listening to what people had planned for me and just basically feeling completely bogged down by all the shenanigans I decided to do a reading. The reading centred on what I could/should do, how I should progress and what I needed to know about the situation. The cards (and I forget which individual ones came up) very accurately and depicted the situation. Now if it’s something that is my signature it is that I don’t really like “outcome” cards or pick them in readings as I find that people then view situations very fatalistically and like they have no control because the outcome card said so. On that occasion however I found myself reaching for an outcome card and plonking it on the table alongside the others. The card I had picked (randomly of course) was the Six of Wands. I was elated, what could be a better card? The Six of Wands for me signified victory, success, pride and happiness. Happily I put the cards away thinking that at least the cards said the day would go well.

A few weeks later I broke my knee in an accident and had to have surgery and be hospitalised. This was a serious blow (pun intended) to my all my wedding plans as I could barely walk let alone do anything constructive in terms of planning. Slowly over the few weeks leading up to the wedding I recovered (a certain amount) finally managing on the wedding day to be able to walk and sit on chairs and stand for a short while. My wedding day was incredibly tough, I was in pain and it was really difficult to manage everything due to the pain and my limited mobility. The evening however went off without a snag and was simply beautiful. Sure enough, I felt like the man in the Six of Wands card as shown in the Rider Waite deck who was victorious and whom others saluted. It was truly one of the most victorious moments of my life. When I reflected after festivities had died down the Six of Wands was right on, I was happy, victorious and full of pride on that day, the outcome the cards had shown was right.

So does this mean the cards predicted that I would be victorious on my wedding day or was I feeling victorious because the image of the card was seared in my brain and I had told myself on the basis of that, that a good outcome was achievable? A tricky conundrum.

Running this through my mind over the last few months I have come to the conclusion that it was probably both. It is possible the Tarot did predict the energies of the situation and therefore the outcome. It is likely too that that having this outcome in my mind propelled me to expend energy and effort (hello, physiotherapy) to make a success of the day. This makes the use of an outcome card particularly tricky. What if it’s not an outcome you want? Then probably it’s important to really examine what it could possibly mean and then perhaps pull another card that can show how to change/best deal with it.

Outcomes need not be fatalistic they can be empowering. Like everything in Tarot it all depends on how we use them.

Till next time xx

Six of Wands from The Rider-Waite Tarot. Copyright 1971, U.S Games Systems Inc.