The Wild Unknown speaks….

I first heard about deck interviews and using a spread to get to know your Tarot deck better from this post on Beth’s (Little Red Tarot)  wonderful blog on her website.This spread seemed like a fascinating way of getting to know one of my decks more deeply. I find decks to be almost like people with each having a different personality and different strengths and weaknesses. My most recent deck purchase is the Wild Unknown Tarot deck and thought I would try this spread getting to know it.

So here goes, the deck speaks in it’s own point of view here

1)Tell me about yourself, what is your most important characteristic?: The World

My most important quality is that I radiate pureness, wholeness and wisdom . I bring you in touch with that which is whole in you and and that which has all the wisdom and connection needed to go out in the world.

2) What are your strengths as a deck?: The High Priestess

I am a deeply intuitive and deeply personal deck. I will help you enter some of the deepest parts of yourself and encourage you to listen to them. I am also a great deck to meditate with and contemplate upon.

3) What are your limits as a deck?: Three of Pentacles

I am not a traditional deck based on conventional images and meanings. I am not a deck that encourages dogma or even follows it. Should you be a beginner looking for order and structure I’m probably not for you.

4) What are you here to teach me?: Five of Cups

I am here to teach you how to deal with grief and disappointment better. Grief here does not mean only dealing with sadness around big things but is about learning to deal with the things that are the everyday sadnesses of life. I would also encourage you to learn more about your shadow and to appreciate it.

5) How can I best learn and collaborate with you?: Two of Pentacles

You have to learn and collaborate with me by maintaining a flexible adaptable approach. You would need to bring all sides of yourself to this work and be open to being transformed by it.

6) What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?: Six of Swords

Our working relationship will lead to emotional healing and cleansing of emotions from previous experiences. Working with me with lead to you learning new things and new ways of reading, reaching into both the emotional and logical parts of yourself using your empathy and compassion in a deeper way.

I found this to be a really cool, immersive and quirky way of getting acquainted with my deck. I feel I got a taste of it’s personality and know now perhaps a bit more about it than I knew simply by working with and looking at the cards. In addition, I think this technique is really useful as it can give insight as to which deck is useful/appropriate for which type of reading. For example, I would use the Wild Unknown for a reading about spirituality and personal growth but perhaps not for a step by step approach on how to build a house. That’s great because there are decks who do vice versa with aplomb.

I’m now set to get reacquainted with some of my older decks as well, what would the Rider-Waite and Thoth say if they were asked?

The World, The High Priestess, Three of Pentacles, Five of Cups, Two of Pentacles and Six of Swords from the Wild Unknown Tarot copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. Published by HARPERELIXIR 2016.