A contemplation on Judgement

One card I find pretty weirdly named is Judgement. I have never really liked the name much. The word judgement makes me think: in judgement of whom, in judgement of what and so forth. In traditional versions of this card an angel (Gabriel perhaps) blows a trumpet and a man, woman and a child rise up to answer the call. This traditional imagery whilst striking has never appealed to me on an emotional level till I considered the card more closely.

In the readings I have done for people, Judgement doesn’t really come up that much. This card makes an appearance every now and then but wouldn’t be the first one I think of when people ask about most frequent cards in readings. This card to signifies to me the clarion call, the acknowledgment and awareness that change has occurred and is occurring. It often signifies that a change has occurred within the person and the person now has to follow this up with changes in their outer world. Judgement is the last but one card of the Major Arcana (the twenty-two trumps). In this card it appears that the trials and tribulations the person is facing are now over (at least for a bit) and now the person has time to reflect, evaluate and pause before taking a decision. This is really interesting and sounds cool to me!

In a world where we cannot stop looking at Facebook and Instagram (yes, I’m guilty too) and cannot stop rushing from one task to another, Judgement puts the breaks on. It makes us stop and think, reflect and find out what really matters. When competing impulses and desires for more (hello, devil) push us to both acquire more as well as participate de facto in the rat race Judgment feels like a revolutionary act. To me Judgement as the last but one card of the Major Arcana just before the world signifies that for integration and living a holistic life (progressing towards the vision of the world card) we must both come in contact with and honour our deepest desires and truths. From these only can we take decisions for our growth.

Judgement is a pause, a revolutionary act, an inspiration call. It fires me up and allows me to dream of a better tomorrow where I can be more in harmony with my experiences in the moment.

What does Judgement mean to you? Write me in the comments below.

Judgement from The Rider-Waite Tarot. Copyright 1971, U.S Games Systems Inc.