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5 ways to Practice Tarot

I’m often being asked by people just beginning their Tarot journey on how they can practice and improve their skills. When I began, I was confronted with the very same questions namely, how could I become more adept, how could I get the confidence and practice I needed to one day be able to make the leap to reading professionally. Here are a few suggestions that came to my mind as I brainstormed on how one could practice Tarot reading skills.

Read a card of the day:

Card of the day posts are really common on Facebook and can be a great way to practice. This practice requires one to pick a card each day to represent the day and then interpret it. I’ve never really got into this practice and don’t pick a card each day but I follow on Facebook others who do this and enjoy reading their thoughts and musings on different cards.

Keep a journal: Keeping a journal is another great way of getting to know your cards better. You can write your thoughts down about each card and make a note of different interpretations you learn and that come to mind. It’s a great way of documenting your journey!

Meditate with the cards:

This is one of my favourites! I absolutely love using the cards to meditate. There are a number of ways one can do this and basically involves entering the card and interacting with symbols and figures in the card in an imaginative way.

Play a game using the cards:

This is a fun one. For example, name 5 grumpy characters in the cards, who in the cards would you marry? Which of the cards have people you want to make friends with? Make a group and challenge yourself to have fun with the cards. Thinking laterally in a light hearted way also ups one’s knowledge by leaps and bounds.

Read for family and friends:

This is one of the big ones. Nothing made more of a difference to my ability to read as getting practice reading for family and friends. For Free! People love free readings and I used people’s enthusiasm in getting readings to give them readings, experiment with my approach and gain confidence. I did all sorts of free readings for friends and family, long ones, short ones, on email, on the phone and in person. Reading for others really boosted my confidence and brought me in contact with different people and questions. A great way to boost your skills.

Ok, that’s me for now. Write me in the comments about other ways to practice. I’ve got some more to talk about. But that’ll have to wait till next time.

Tarot Practice
Well, which card depicts practicing better then the Eight of Pentacles.
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