5 ways to practice Tarot-Part 2

I was on holiday for 2 weeks! And returning brings me back to my blog. So I’m continuing with my post from last time with five more interesting (and fun, hopefully) ways to practice Tarot.

1.Read for yourself

Yeah, seriously. Reading for yourself is a great way to get to know the Tarot cards better and to improve your skills. Reading for yourself is super hard because it’s difficult to be objective and truthful as you come in contact with your own stuff, getting to grips with what makes you tick. You might even have to confront stuff about yourself that you don’t particularly like. It’s also a great way to practice when you are alone and don’t have any one else to read for you. Give it a go sometime!

  1. Offer readings for charity

A really good way to help your community and get some Tarot practice. Charities often have fundraisers where they require people to sell food, gift articles and services to raise funds for them. Tarot is a great service to offer. People are curious and interested in it and do not mind spending money on a reading especially if it’s going to charity. It’s a great way to help the community as well as sharpen your skills as well as introduce people to Tarot busting the myth that it’s a scary, creepy thing with no real world value.

3.Use the Tarot to understand events on the world stage

We’re stuck in a 24×7 news cycle. We hear about distressing events happening in each part of the world all day long. Often I have felt powerless about what I can do to help or at least to understand events and changes in our world. It can be a good idea here to use the Tarot to understand and make sense of these events. For example, What do we need to know about our world right now? Why does it seem such a difficult and inhospitable place? Doing a reading like this can give clarity, insight as well assuage fears. Try it!

4. Use the Tarot to predict outcomes on game shows on TV

I’ve done this is a lot. Like seriously. While a game show has been going on online, I’ve flipped cards in order to find out who would win. As it was pre-recorded and individuals were in the public domain with regard to their experience on the show I thought I could give it a go. This is a great albeit unconventional way of sharpening your skills. Just let the show start and then pick a card for each contestants’ chance of winning. Flip it over and make your guess before the show is over. Wait for the show to finish and voila! You’ll know if you were right or wrong.

5.Creative writing with the Tarot

Use the Tarot to write a story. The Tarot has character cards (the court cards) as well as the major cards (that can signify major experiences and lessons). One can use these to write a story by perhaps blending together the character cards, the major and minor cards and use one’s creativity to write a story. For example, start with a court card to signify your main character and then introduce other character cards (court cards), situations (minor cards) and events into your narrative. Do not edit or censor yourself, just let it flow. Soon you should end up with your very own short (or long) story inspired by the Tarot.

So there’s my ten ways to practice Tarot. So go practicing lovely people . Till next time…..

A deck I always feel like practising with! : The Crystal Tarot copyright Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan © 2004. Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino – Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission