My ethics

My code of ethics as follows is based on the Tarot Association of the British Isles’ (TABI) ethical code.

  • I will keep readings confidential between my clients and myself.
  • I will treat each client respectfully, honestly and with unconditional acceptance.
  • My readings aim to help clients take charge of their lives.
  • I will suggest that clients consult with relevant professionals (e.g. medical professionals, financial professionals) whenever appropriate.
  • Fees for readings will be agreed before the reading.
  • I will also not read for anyone under the age of 18 without permission of their parent or guardian.
  • I will not give readings to anyone other than the client (e.g partners, spouses, parents, bosses, children). In such a case I will rephrase or decline these questions.
  • I will refund any money paid in the event that I am not able to complete the reading.

In addition I believe that you have responsibility for your own life and Tarot advice is meant to be additional to your own intelligence, good sense and intuition. Tarot readings and advice are not a substitute for legal, financial, health and psychological expertise. Please consult relevant professionals for these.

This blog is a labour of love and copyright to me Ava from 2016. If you would like to post or copy any bit of it, please ask. You can contact me at