Ava is a gifted, intuitive Tarot reader who connects with Tarot in a very deep way. I have had Tarot readings done earlier but never have I experienced someone as good as she is! A few days prior to the phone session, she asked me what my question was and meditated on it. During the hour-long session about my work-related query, she deftly kept relating the cards with what she had received during her meditation. I resonated with every card and felt gently but surely guided. I strongly recommend Ava to people who are keen on a Tarot session. Keep up your amazing work Ava!- Coomi.

Ava’s insight was accurate and detailed. The reading was thorough and gave me useful pointers to work with both emotionally and practically. Thank you Ava-  Zoe.

I love the way Ava reads, she has excellent skills, values and a counselling lean with powerful expression. She gives just enough, clearly and with out being over wordy which I really like – Louise.

Ava is amazing! I love her kind and reassuring voice as a reader. It was a great experience to have a reading from her- Katalin.

Ava’s read was intuitive and very accurate. The subject was challenging, and her insight really helped me to gain a better view of the matter. I have gone back to re-read it several times since, and I must say that I have found it very helpful in  addressing this issue and my own thinking around it. I would definitely recommend her- Joanna.

I found Ava’s reading to be very insightful & thought provoking. She was accurate in her description of my current situation & how I work. The description of how things were running for me & also what aspects are counterproductive was also very accurate- Donna.

Ava’s reading was incredibly accurate, insightful and uplifting. It captured the very essence of me and my situation in a unique and powerful way, offering me profound insights into both. It helped me immediately and I still refer to it as a source of strength, courage and empowerment. Ava has a very special gift and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have met her- Kate.